Orinoco, sábado 24 de octubre 2020

Women and children from the Mocoa community light candles forming the word "paz" (peace) during a community event organised by The Alliance of Women Life Weavers for Little Candles Day. Public events like these raise awareness of gender-based violence. ; In 2005, a group of female community leaders in the province of Putumayo joined forces to create The Alliance of Women Life Weavers, helping displaced Colombian women and girls overcome rape and sex abuse, and seek justice through the courts. The organisation was created in response to the intensification of armed conflict resulting in a gender-based humanitarian crisis. Within its first year, the group had covered 13 municipalities throughout Putumayo, connecting women’s rights organisations to focus. Today, this alliance works with 66 organisations bringing support to almost 2,000 displaced women. A UNHCR partner, the Alliance provides counselling and empowerment workshops to survivors across the region.

El Día de la ONU marca el aniversario de la entrada en vigor en 1945 de la Carta de las Naciones Unidas que establece su formación. António Guterres llama al mundo a unirse este 2020, a aprovechar los logros alcanzados y así derrotar el COVID-19. 







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